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Petro-Canada OG2 RED Tube

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PEERLESS™ LLG & OG Calcium Sulfonate Fats

PEERLESS™ LLG & OG Calcium Sulfonate Fats

Petro-Canada PEERLESS™ greases are premium multi-purpose greases designed to reduce operating costs and provide extended protection in high temperature or wet operating conditions. The PEERLESS range of extreme pressure (EP) high temperature multipurpose greases are specially formulated to perform effectively in wet and marine environments. Thanks to a special calcium sulfonate complex thickener, these greases can absorb moderate amounts of water without softening, changing their composition, or losing their anti-corrosion properties.

Features and Benefits of PEERLESS LLG:

  • Longevity at high temperatures provides long-lasting device protection.
  • Excellent water resistance provides good rust and corrosion prevention.
  • High mechanical stability in difficult operating conditions.
  • Reduces bearing wear and extends the life of the equipment.

Features and Benefits of PEERLESS OG Fats:

  • Excellent performance in water while remaining in place in wet and marine applications.
  • Wide temperature / pressure range thanks to special thickener.
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection.
  • Excellent adhesion properties protect rotating parts and reduce equipment costs.


PEERLESS LLG and OG Greases are designed to provide excellent lubrication in a wide range of applications, especially in high temperatures and very wet operating conditions. Recommended for use in a wide range of industrial and automated applications such as:

  • General manufacturing
  • Forestry
  • Power generation
  • Transport equipment
  • Mining