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MANNOL Agro Gear 90 LS (Limited Slip) GL-5 20L

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MANNOL Agro Gear 90 LS

MANNOL Agro Gear 90 LS

MANNOL Agro Gear 90 LS is a special quality, year-round, mineral-based gear oil for manual gearboxes. It is designed for the safe and reliable operation of modern self-locking differential (LS) main gears, hypoid gears and other manual transmission parts (final gears, gearboxes) under extreme (including shock) loads and high operating temperatures. The product has been developed taking into account the requirements set by NEW HOLLAND and VOLVO, manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

Product features:

  • Excellent anti-friction properties that guarantee significant fuel savings thanks to a high-quality, high-viscosity base and specially formulated additives.
  • Excellent anti-wear and superior wedge grinding properties at extreme pressures and temperatures.
  • Ensures the required low temperature properties to ensure reasonably easy starting and reliable lubrication at ambient temperatures down to -28°C under all operating conditions.
  • Increases the efficiency of the LS differential, reducing noise, slippage and vibration.

Technical information:

  • SAE 90
  • API GL-5 LS (Limited Slip)

Acceptance and meet requirements:

  • SDFG OP 1705LS
  • VOLVO 97310
  • ZF TE-ML 05C
  • ZF TE-ML 12C
  • ZF TE-ML 16E

The product is recommended for use in heavy-duty manual transmissions in on-road (trucks, buses, etc.), earth-moving (construction, mining, agriculture) and special vehicles produced by European, American and Asian manufacturers requiring GL-5 LS service rating performance.

Available in different size packages: 10L, 1000L, 208L, 60L, and 20L.